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Sifu Larry Rivera: Jamie kept getting emails from people loving what we were doing in our free training on YouTube or in our free Intro Ngo Dac Na course, but they couldn't afford the $47/mo to get access to the full Enter Shaolin Kwoon.

Jamie Pelaez: I was getting emails weekly. People from everywhere were struggling and we knew we had to do something... So we've been masterminding on how we could create the perfect course that would give a person the basics to be better mind, body and spirit.

Sifu Larry Rivera: And that is how we came up with Enter Shaolin Lite which will include our Ngo Dac Na 101 course. With the mindset that you may be a beginner or a martial artist wanting to refine your energy and skills with the Ngo Dac Na energy & physics principles.

Jamie Pelaez: Which is why we are including the first year of principles from Sifu Phu Ngo's Ngo Dac Na system that can be used solo or to enhance any style of Martial Arts. We also wanted to make sure you had come quick & simple self-defense techniques and that is where Chin Na comes into play.

Sifu Larry Rivera: And Jamie really pushed for you guys & gals to be able to not just be able to defend yourselves better, she advocated you needed to be able to have more chi (energy) and to condition your body to be in better shape & health as a whole.

Jamie Pelaez: Oh I definitely did! I think we even sparred about this a few times... LOL! Which is why we are including Qigong and our Enter Shaolin C.O.R.E. (Combat, Offense, Reflex & Energy) training with your membership as part of the lessons in the Ngo Dac Na 101 Course. Now you have access to comprehensive training to take your life & training to the next level.

So What Inside Enter Shaolin Lite?

Weekly Video Training on Ngo Dac Na, Qigong, C.O.R.E. training & Chin Na

Weekly Tests Plus Assignments To Reinforce What You Learn

Meet Other Martial Artists, Ask Questions & Interact with the Enter Shaolin Gang

Amazing Price & Training
Learn From Sifu Phu Ngo
Starting at $9.97/mo

Unlock Access to Begin Your Kung Fu Journey or Enhance Your Martial Arts

Access to Enter Shaolin's Premium Roku Content + NDN Intro & 101 Courses 

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