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Finding A Reliable Partner Can Be Tough..
(Which is why Gaetan Brousseau created the Martial Art Companion.)

Here at Enter Shaolin we have members and fans around the world. One of the most common problems people perceive they have and is the reason most don't train is because they don't have a training partner.

Thankfully 2/3 of our training can be done solo and that's a lot to work on in the meantime. Thanks to great and innovative tools like the Martial Art Trainer by Gaetan Brousseau, now you can do even more training solo that previously was hard to do.

Gaetan came to us here at Enter Shaolin to see if we could put our Ngo Dac Na spin on training solo with the M.A.C.

Besides basic drills, Sifu Phu and Sifu Larry have come up with some innovative ways to be able to experience some of the sensitivity and pressure training that normally solo trainers miss out on.

When you subscribe below, you will get access to Sifu Phu Ngo's beginner training to the Martial Art Companion so you can see the possibilities. We will be adding more from Sifu Larry Rivera in the near future too.

We will also send you other creative ways to train solo. We know the importance of training regardless of time constraints and/or lack of partners to work with.

We also believe as you grow as a martial artist and work on yourself, you will find the training partners you need. Regardless, it's what you are willing to do when no one else is around that will truly make the difference in your skill.

Enjoy the training and we will be here if you have questions or need any help!

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