It's Time To Uplevel... Are You Ready?

To save $700 on the Abbot Lifetime membership, keep reading...

Are You Abbot Material?
(If you came this far, the answer is most likely YES!)

Like we said in the video, the Abbot isn't for everyone. It's for the lifetime seeker. That person that just knows martial arts will always have a place in their life. Does that sound like you?

It's also for the person that enjoys having some customized training and the ability to get monthly video critiques.

Or the person that wants to get discounts on our seminars and certifications in the future.

In short, the Abbot is the V.I.P. of Enter Shaolin and while we never wanted to sell this lifetime membership this low again, we know it's time for us to uplevel and that together we can make that happen faster.

So for the next 20 10 lifetime seekers that raise their hands, they will get the Abbot for our Founder's price of $997 with all the bells and whistles. This may happen in a day, a week or a month.

As long as this page is available, the discount price is ready for you.

The questions is, will you be one of those 20 10 who raise their hand to uplevel their life?

Here's What Your Bonuses Include...

Custom Video Training Requests + Access To Other Abbot's Requests

Monthly Video Critiques
Send In Your Video & Get A Video Critique Back

Meet Other Abbots, Ask Questions & Interact With Sifu Phu & Sifu Larry

Best Overall Savings + Discounts To Future Seminars & Certifications

Immediate Access To The Entire Enter Shaolin
Training Vault For Life

More Coming Soon!
We Are Always Looking At Ways To Add More Value

Hear From Some Of Our Abbot Family:


Check us out for 14 days and see if this is right for you and your Kung Fu journey. 
If for some reason it's not, just let us know and we will promptly refund you.

Uplevel Your Training & Invest In You Today!

* The Abbot is selling for $1697 on our main join page here, however the next 20 people will get $700 off and get our founder price of only $997, which is only available on this page for a limited time. So what are you waiting for?! Get Yours!

Got questions about the Abbot? Call us at 1-844-9-KUNGFU or email us here.

P.S.: This offer is going out to our email list of 6k for the next week, then we will roll it out to over 40,000 people over the following week. We can't promise this offer will be available for long, however we can promise if you act soon, you can grab your upgrade to take your life and training to the next level!

P.P.S.: If you want to do the founder 3-pay option instead (3 payments of $399), email us here and let Jamie know and she will take care of you!